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iPhone 11 Battery Case - Volt Wireless

What Volt™ Stands For

We live in an age where our iPhones are an extension of ourselves. A connection to the world, our friends and our family. From capturing a beautiful moment with our camera to navigating a cross town trip our iPhones are always there by our side. As the push for thinner, lighter and faster has taken over the smartphone world the battery longevity has plummeted. The average person will run out of battery life each and every single day unless they plug in and get a charge. Volt™ Wireless is your new best friend. An extension of your iPhone in a durable, protective and functional daily battery case. Gone are the days of stressing about low battery. Gone are the days of having to carry around an external battery or running to find an outlet. Volt™ is here.

Why Choose Volt™ iPhone Battery Cases

The need for extra battery for our iPhones is necessary but the previous technology provided lackluster products. Products that were bulky, plugs into your iphone and rendered it unusable. Those days are gone! Volt™ is completely wireless charging. Meaning it will charge your iPhone without plugging into it. Your Lightning® cable is free and that gives you the ability to be able to charge both Volt™ & iPhone at the same time. Achieving 50% total charge in under 30 minutes. The technology is here and Volt™ is the pioneer!

Volt™ Wireless is different. We believe in making premium technology available to everyone at fair prices. We value customer service and product quality over all. We understand that in today’s marketplace the customer needs to be serviced in any way possible. We believe that everyone’s right is to have a Volt™ case and we aim to create a Client experience so you can feel comfortable purchasing from Volt.

Volt™ Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is the future and Volt™ is a pioneer. We understand the huge need for extra battery in a daily case that looks great and powers you in your time of need. Users who have multiple cases simple swap them out and never plug into an outlet with their iPhone again. The ability to live life unplugged with a Volt™ case is freeing. Our Wireless technology has been fine tuned towards maximizing efficiency and minimizing heat distribution found in wireless charging products. We have invested heavily into being the leaders in this market and are blown away by the support we have from avid Volt™ clients. Technology and product quality are #1 and we aim to keep upgrading as technology advanced towards providing an unbeatable products for our clients.